Emo hairstyles are quite funky to sport as well. Take a look at the group Green Day and you would know what I am talking about. Although many frown upon Emo hairstyles, these are growing in their popularity today. Girls and guys do note some of these pointers for Emo hairstyles. Shaggy hairstyles form the base of Emo hairstyles. Sometimes shaggy or sometimes spiky, these would need you to work your way around with the help of some gel and of course a hairstylist. Try some bold effects and also add a dash of color. Emo haircuts have always been characterized with black hair with bursts of colors. The look of the Emo hairstyles is such that it makes an individual style statement. Of course, people in the 80s belonging to the Emo culture are quite different from the Emo groups that are seen today. Today, most Emo hairstyles have the use of highlights as well as lowlights. Fringes and bangs are also common amongst most girls. Razor cuts that give asymmetrical lines are most sought after by girls who wish to along this path. 
If you are looking for the "I'm a Governor" or business executive look and want the Family-oriented casual look flexibility, a long hairstyle with a Updo is the perfect look for you. There are different accessories such as pins that can serve as embellishment. For those with large curls, it is best to try a layered type of hairstyles that would make them look very stylish and elegant. Remember that not all curls can fit a woman's hair and shape of the face. Remember that hairstyles can fit the look of the person depending on the shape of their face. For those with oval shaped face, bobs, long waves and shaggy are fitting. It is wise to avoid dull cuts especially if the texture of the hair is very thick and curly. Those with long faces would be happy to get side swept bangs, waves, curls and layers. It is best to avoid short haircuts because it can elongate the face. Round shaped faces can have long bangs and layers and square faces should cover angular jaws.

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